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That’s a chair!?

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You see them everywhere now; odd shaped sometimes springy office chairs more often than not with a higher price tag then a standard office chair. So what is the deal? Are these chairs just a fad? Companies capitalizing on our desire to be more fit or do they actually do our bodies some good?

I decided to try one out for a week. One of the benefits of working at an ergonomic furniture company is that there are always different chairs to try out!

My test chair for the week the BackApp

As with most of the unique styled chairs the BackApp is advertised as: improves your posture, exercise while sitting, ensures less back pain, and burns at least 19% more energy.

It did take some getting used to. There is no back or arms and  when the red ball is adjusted out all of the way it sure does keep you moving. After day two of sitting on it I did notice that was sitting up straighter and that the pain I had been having in-between my shoulder blades were gone.

It has a tractor seat which makes sitting on it with a skirt problematic. If this was going to be a forever chair and you were a fan of pencil skirts then you may need to rethink either your wardrobe or chair choice.

Overall this is a solid chair and it doubles as a conversation piece. My back does honestly feel much better although I’m still adjusting to the saddle style of seat. It has helped me to stand up more as well. Whenever the saddle irritates me I just switch to standing. Everyone will want to try out your odd your looking chair!

Closing thoughts: Don’t judge a chair by its appearance. If you have the chance try one of these out or something similar. If anything they are fun!

You can find more information on the benefits of these style chairs here.

If you are in our neck of the woods (Tigard, Oregon) we have this and many other chairs like this one available to try out.

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