About Us

We Provide Whole Body Health…In the Shape of Ergonomically Designed Office Furniture

Your well-being has been our reason for being since our very beginning.

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Architecture & Design Partners

Our team has worked with architects and interior design teams on a large variety of projects, including office spaces, medical and educational environments. Together, we can create unique spaces that bring employees and communities together. Contact us today to learn more about the products we offer. We carry over 300 commercial furnishing lines from some of the top brands in the industry.


An Ounce of Ergonomic Prevention is Worth a Pound of Therapy

At Harris WorkSystems, we still provide office furniture ergonomically designed to keep people comfortable and healthy.  But now we do it for everyone, ideally, before injuries caused by continuous poor posture practices kick in. At HWS we say, if you work in the wrong position at the wrong workstation hunched over a computer, it’s a matter of when, not if, you will experience neck, shoulder, arm, knee, or sciatica pain.

We provide furniture that’s ergonomically designed to fit your body and guide you into proper posture so that you can work for decades with no pain or injuries. Ergonomic, whole body health is behind everything we do.

There Is No General Ergonomics: We Provide Ergonomic Furniture that Fits YOU

It drives us crazy to see people going to a big-box store – or online – and buying an “ergonomic” chair. There’s no such thing. At HWS, we specialize in office and work furniture that fits you – your unique body and style of working. So purchasing a chair, desk or accessory from us is just the beginning of a wonderful relationship. If you live close enough to come in, we treat you to a personal fitting that will introduce you to the chair of your ergonomic dreams. If you’re farther away, ordering online, we ask you questions about your body type and lifestyle that help us evaluate the best furniture for you.

In both cases, we then work with you to make sure you understand how to get the most out of your new furniture. And we’re available ever after to answer any questions you might have about your business or home office work systems. In fact, most of our customers come back to us consistently for our expertise and service – and also because we’re a lot of fun.

Yes, We’re All Ergonomic Masters – and We Practice What We Preach

Dr. Dowler has trained the entire staff of HWS in ergonomics through her “Train the Evaluator” course. And everyone at HWS has also employed the principles of ergonomics to personally design their own office and workstations. So we live our mission. And we’re eager to help you work in a comfortable, healthy fashion, too.


Along with Whole Health, We Carry Whole Office Systems, Designed for Your Budget

HWS specializes in ergonomically correct furniture, from a variety of chairs and height adjustable desks to accessories such as keyboard trays, monitor arms, footrests and lighting solutions.  Over the years, as our clients have asked us to include whole office systems, we have added lobby furniture, benching solutions, and acoustic paneling. In short, if it’s office furniture, we provide it.

Just as ergonomic furniture fits you, we design office furniture solutions to fit your budget. We’ll help you make the best use of your office space plus help you re-use or re-fit your existing furniture if possible. That way, we keep your wallet healthy, too.

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Green Guard Certified & Eco-Friendly Furniture

Harris WorkSystems is proud to partner with the furniture manufacturers that care about our planet. Our manufacturers do everything that they can to reduce waste and utilize ECO friendly production methods.

With Greenguard Certified Furniture in your building, you’re helping to utilize green design and reduce the impact on the environment. Harris WorkSystems can help your company qualify for LEED certification and take steps towards a sustainable building.

All This and Doing the World a World of Good

Whole health extends to community and planetary health. As a woman-owned and service driven business, what that means to us is that we spend some of our time and resources helping to make our community better. And we employ a number of environmentally benign practices, from recycling to reusing and re-purposing. We work with our suppliers, too, to bring you the most environmentally responsible office furniture.

Call or email us today to see how we can help you improve your health and your working environment, whether at your business or home office.

Executive Office & Conference Room

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System Furniture

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Storage &

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  • OFS
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Outdoor Seating

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Library Furnishings

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Seating (Task & Conference)

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  • Buzz Seating
  • Ergo Centric
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  • Office Master
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  • Sit-on-it
  • X-Chair

Hospitality Tables & Chairs

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  • ERG
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Meeting & Training Tables

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  • Special T
  • Watson

Acoustic Product

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  • Loftwall
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  • Obex
  • Slalom

Technology (Monitor Arms, Keyboard Trays, CPU Support)

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  • Grandstands
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  • Humanscale
  • Innovative
  • Workrite

AUX | Power & Data

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  • Living Wall
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