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3 Reasons Why Your Office Chair Fabric Matters

3 Reasons Why Your Chair Fabric Matters by Harris WorkSystems

1. Aesthetics –

The look of a chair is one of the first things people notice when walking into a room. The fabric colors, pattern, and material used can make a difference in how prestigious or inviting a room may feel. The office chair must look good as well as be highly durable, as it is one of the most used pieces in the office. Unfortunately, the look is not everything. The fabric that is selected has to be durable, functional, and meet the needs of the user, which brings us to number two, durability.

Office Chair Fabric

2. Durability & Application –

Since the office chairs are one of the most used pieces in an office, the fabrics that we recommend are rated for 75k to over 500k double rubs (abrasion testing). What do double rubs mean and how is the fabric tested? Check out this video of the Wyzenbeek Test: Durability Test. The fabric is tested by rubbing it until it breaks. That breaking point is how double rub is determined. So, when you want that visually appealing fabric with birds (or a pretty pattern) on it to wrap your next seat, make sure it is rated accordingly.

Conference Table and Office Chairs


3. Cost –

What is the price of my super comfy prestigious custom fit chair? When it comes to selecting the fabric, our chair manufacturers provide Grades for each fabric selection. Grade A through Grade F (give or take a couple of letters). The Grade goes by cost and performance of the fabric. The higher the Grade/Cost, the better quality fabric you will be getting. The higher Grades typically exceed 1 million double rubs and are meant for specific applications, such as high traffic areas or labs. Much of the cost comes from meeting performance, sustainability, flammability, and several other industry qualifications. Fear not, even the RFM Quickship Grade B fabrics are rated between 75k-200k double rubs and are covered under warranty. 

Check out the RFM Carmel 

Here are a few other questions to consider when selecting the right fabric:

  • Is it easy to clean? Leather & faux leather, fabric, mesh, plastic, and wood chairs all require a different process of cleaning and maintenance. Each fabric will also sit a bit different as some are harder or softer than others.
  • How long will it last? Is there a warranty? We like to say purchasing an office chair is a 10-year decision. A truly custom fit and ergonomic office chair will be comfortable, durable, and highly adjustable. The RFM Carmel comes with a 5 year warranty on the fabric, a lifetime cylinder warranty, and a 12 year warranty on all other parts. We are just a phone call or email away when it comes to warranty assistance.  
  • Is it comfortable to sit on? Each fabric will sit a bit different as some are harder or softer than others. For example, a newly wrapped leather seat will feel harder than a recently wrapped fabric seat (of course, the weave of the fabric matters as well). Comfort is Key!
  • Does it need to be highly breathable? Consider a mesh back or a fully mesh style chair. 
  • What kind of support is needed from your chair? Do you or your employees have an injury? People with tailbone injuries may not want a hard leather seat and would instead opt for a soft fabric.

These are just a few of the many tips you can use when selecting your chair fabric. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or any questions.

Visit our local Tigard, OR Showroom to test some ergonomic chairs and to touch & feel some of the different grades of fabric.

Harris WorkSystems showroom in Tigard Oregon

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